1% of smartphone buyers think a headphone jack is mandatory.

Android authority wrote a post above citing that 1% of smartphone buyers consider a new phone to be a deal-breaker if it doesn’t have a smartphone jack. Personally, I like the option of being able to go corded. I have a nice pair of Sennheisers that is corded only, and lets be honest, a lot of stock software doesn’t choose the best Bluetooth codec by default- so why are fewer and fewer hardware manufacturers charging more and more for flagship phones but giving the buyer fewer and fewer features? Shouldn’t prices go down as the technology improves? Why are phones north of $1000 now?

I tend to buy used, myself. I will look up all the specs and features on phonearena, compare with a similar model that stands up and then buy the best fit for me on swappa. In 2019, I am using a LG G6- released in March 2017, it’s still working fine in 2019. If you want a cheap daily driver, or want a phone to root/rom I suggest you borrow from my methodology.

Hopefully in the future, the consumer will win, but it looks like we’re far from it, now.

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