So I did a couple things.

Tech with Tim (youtube) has a great tutorial on writing a chatbot in python. I did that, and it’s the first piece of working code I’ve written, which is a big accomplishment for me.

Last month I bought a cheat synthesizer and made a tacky song in Audacity. While it’s a versatile program, it’s not the greatest DAW. Being an Idiot, I’ve shied away from DAWs and how complicated they can be, until this week. I installed LMMS and I made it make noise, and now there’s a link in the footer to my soundcloud, which was basically dead until now.

I’m due to edit another video for DuoTV, and I have yet to dig into the footage, but I’ve replaced my editing NVMe SSD (my 300 gig intel went toast last year) and sooner or later I’ll likely purchase DaVinci Resolve or something similar so I can do fully featured editing. Normally I speak SIP, but there are so few people that do- and we’re trying to run a production company here.

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