GPU Prices in 2020

GPU prices in 2020 look oddly similar to those in 2019. Now is a painful time to buy if you want a higher-end card.

But why? The crypto gold rush in Dec 2017- Jan 2018 is all but over…. If bitcoin price has fallen why are card still so crazy expensive?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has been labelled a bubble by mainstream news outlets, but regardless of how it’s been covered in the news, it’s made an impact in the market. Yes, it’s worth half of what it was at its peak to date, but it’s only a loss if you sell, and it’s clearly here to stay.

Some people that saw the value blow up, decided at that point that it was a worthy investment opportunity. They’ve made their bets, invested in GPUs and are mining cryptocurrency. Combine that with increased relevance of AI and deeplearning, and video rendering, and you have a steady demand curve for intense computing power.

Unfortunately GPU prices will likely stay elevated for the foreseeable future, because the demand for them is not dropping anytime soon.

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