New songs

So I made a song and a huge mentor of mine suggested that it sounded like indy game music, so I went with that theme…

Future high court- the hero would return to the kingdom and be bestowed honor, in a very Tidus Andronicus way. A tired hero of war returning to the city of his birth.
Hero’s Journey- where the game would start. Usurpers of the throne have turned against the government and our loyal hero. They wish to publicly execute him and make an example of the old regime’s passing. Luckily our main character would have a loyal friend that aids him in escaping the city confines.
The first piece our hero finds since returning. The forests of his homeland have a special place in his heart, and he’s reminded he can’t return home.
Deep in the forest are caves, that may or may not be inhabited. They provide shelter for the moment.

End of part 1

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